Love Ben Whishaw

He’s so cute!!!! I can barely wait to watch this film ! ^_^


Ben Whishaw’s Roles: The Pride, 2008. 

What is the point of this stupid, painful life if not to be honest? If not to stand up for what you are in the core of your being?


James & Moneypenny.


James & Moneypenny.


Some of my best Mojo photos from the last 10 days before the run ended. More to come.

Also 45 close up Colin Morgan photos from The Tempest to come this week as well.

Ben in The Hollow Crown: Richard II
God save King Harry, unking’d Richard says,
And send him many years of sunshine days!

For God’s sake, let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings

"We’ve know each other for quite a long time, actually. Since I was 17 and you were… How old were you?"

"A little older than that."


Love, I will let you go (x)